MX5-300 INOX MX5 INOX Plus Lub. 300g

MX5-300 INOX MX5 INOX Plus Lub. 300g

SKU: MX5-300

MX5 INOX Plus Lub. 300g

INOX MX5 PLUS has been designed for applications where a superior extreme pressure, anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, liquid lubricant or an industrial-quality machine cutting oil is required.

INOX MX5 PLUS is the ultimate formula that takes the original INOX MX3FG and adds the high grade friction modifier Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for an even higher, super-slick standard of lubrication in demanding environments. it’s even NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact.

If you need to handle high speed, high loads, constant friction and extreme pressure, INOX MX5 PLUS with added PTFE is the ultimate lubricant to get the job done.

Dissolves corrosion, oxidation and salt buildup. Lubricates constant-friction parts for longer. Protects from wear in extreme conditions. Non-tacky, super slick formula.

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